Welcome Message
“Perspective Pathologic Power”

Tadashi Yoshino, MD, PhD
The President of the 12th APIAP Congress
As the president of the 12th Asia Pacific International Academy of Pathology Congress, it is my great honor and pleasure to host this distinguished meeting. This is the first time APIAP congress in Japan. We are now in dramatically changing era of medicine: molecular targeting therapies, genome-wide analysis, knowledge of immune checkpoint and developing blockages against it etc. Pathology is now expected to play a central role in these medical progresses. The fifth WHO classifications of more than ten fields have just begun to publish. Diagnostic criteria are largely based upon molecular and chromosomal alterations. The pathologic diagnosis is the final for the patients, and we should make precise diagnosis not only with morphology but with immunohistochemical techniques and molecular biological methods which are directly associated with choosing therapeutic ways. Moreover, there is a strong movement to make an unified reporting system of surgical pathology by collaboration of WHO classification, American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) and the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR). In this APIAP congress, I would like to make a special session for presentation of the novel reporting system. The scientific program is now under discussion, and I would like to a lot of Asian-Pacific participants will be chairpersons and/or presenters. Let’s enjoy “Perspective Pathologic Power”.

COVID19 has totally changed the world. Although the vaccination against COVID19 has just begun in some areas, nobody can predict when will be the exact time of international travelling freely as before. We have decided the 12th APIAP congress by on demand Web system Nov 1-14. In order to have deep and fruitful discussion, LIVE Q and A sessions will come on Nov 11 and 12. When you watch wonderful and interesting lectures, please send us questions. This live discussion will give us virtual but almost real meeting at Okayama.
Let’s enjoy the 12th APIAP congress.